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Dreams, Schemes & Themes

Here's to Maniacs, Visionaries & Wide- Eyed Dreamers

Mr Baggins
7 January 1955
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I am proudly South African and work for a leading literacy NGO in Johannesburg (also known as the City of Gold)

I am a father and a grandfather and have got no idea how a grandfather should behave! (My children think I’m weird.) I live in sin with my heart girl in the Westdene/Melville area which is like a little village hidden in this big city.

I have an English Bulldog, Mr Baggins Gandalf of Noble Look, who I love to bits and he is unfortunately top dog in our household.He sometimes wander around my blog.

I have a wide variety of interests, love reading, keep journals, make journals (Dreams, Schemes and Themes” diaries which gives old books a second life by removing the insides and replaces it with blank pages) and is an absolute Formula 1 motor racing fanatic. I have a creative side (mosaics and ceramics mainly), which I unfortunately don’t have the time to truly express. Have quite an eclectic taste in music as well in what I read, from horror to non-fiction. I also have great admiration for the visionaries, maniacs and wide-eyed dreamers of this world for whom the impossible becomes possible