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“Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul”.

-    Plato

In Jo’burg, like most large cities, restaurants and other eateries mushroom overnight and close with fearsome regularity. In the famous, or infamous, 7th Street in Melville and surrounds I’ve seen more places that I can remember come and go the past decade. Soulsa changed its name to Lucky Bean after a drawn out battle with some chicken franchise over using the world “Soul” in their name. The Wild Olive moved to Greenside where it also eventually went out of business. Mezaluna, La Vista, Soi, Fullstop, Abyssinica and Buzz9 all went west.

Buzz9’s old premises morphed into an Italian restaurant named St Germain. A huge amount was squandered on the refurbish judging from the interior fittings. I swear to God it was open for less than a month.  Word on the street is that some gonif charmed a lady out of the moolah to open St Germain. Sadly he had not a clue about running a restaurant and when she found out about his lack of culinary skills and realized she didn’t have a hope in hell to recover her investment she hit the road. Mr Gonif was also very rude to the waitrons (what a terrible word) and under extreme duress the staff actually beat him up in this place of short-lived Italian charm – so badly that he ran away. Yes, he ran away.  That was the end of St Germain and it' s now deserted with a “To Let” sign in the window against a backdrop of dripping chandeliers.

The past weekend I saw that a new place opened its doors in 7th Street - with the charming name “Love & Revolution – Where Change Happen” I has a lovely warn ambiance and feel at home décor and they might just survive fate’s fickleness. The owners are charming and the menu straight forward vegetarian. Oh, and they are activists which means that they will be well supported by Labelle, Girl’s daughter, who is a career activist for all sorts of causes and a vegan to boot. Love & Revolution also don’t allow agists

At first I first that’s refers to persons suffering from ague, but it’s actually barring those that discriminate against people suffering from age, like me, or the “longer living” to use the politically correct term. For this reason alone I’ll support “Love and Revolution” They have a nifty website -  - where you can read what they’re all about.

I borrowed the Plato quote at the start of this post from there – Jasmyn, I hope you don’t mind and I’ve linked L&R on my side-bar as a penance.

In a serendipitous way I also stumbled the newly opened Odd
Café, in Greenside; the same day. If you are a graffiti aficionado you can’t but notice this decidedly odd place as it has huge graffiti throw-ups done by Mars on the exterior of the building. The piece states boldly; “Be Yourself”, “Life’s Delicious” and “Be Different” So simple and true amidst the angst and anger of life in Jozi.   

The interior decoration is also decidedly err-odd. From a Lady Ga-Ga telephone booth to a mural that is partly carved into the wall with all kinds of profound quotes like; “Boobies – the best things since peanut butter and maple syrup”, “Chuck Norris – Ruler of the Known and the Unknown Universe” and “FUBAR – A really bad, bad situation” I’m sure one would be able to philosophize deeply and at length with your best friends about “The Meaning of Liff” the Douglas Adams way late into the night at the Odd Café. Oh, and they plan exhibitions by graffito’s so they’ll have my support as well.

Shit Mr. Jones, aka as James Durno, I thought you told me graffiti was dead in the suburbs and that Rasty’s times was past. I’m starting to think you might just be wrong.

Love and Revolution and the Odd Café sounds like the title of a new Quentin Tarantino or Robert Roderiquez movie but it isn’t – They are two new multi-functional interactive art & dialogue spaces where you can spent time with your decidedly odd and revolutionary friends over lunch.     

Go see for yourself.
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